Writing contests

The Joy of WritingI have found it fun, and good practice, to enter writing contests–big and small.  Writing from a writing prompt or a theme is a good discipline and it gives me a reason to write some of my most creative work.  Most contests have a requirement of original (not previously published) work.  Some include personal blogs, others do not, and still others do not specify.  I will start posting some of my short stories and poetry as soon as I am sure there will be no conflict.  However, I have one that I will post this week that I did not write for any reason other than the fun of writing.  Look for A Solitary Place coming soon.


Travel Writing

I originally started on this adventure thinking I would focus in on the travel writing niche.  I thought if I could write from anywhere in the world and get paid to travel, it would be the best job ever!  As I began this journey, however, I realized I needed to have a broader range of expertise until I make it big as a mystery novelist.

I do enjoy traveling, and journaling about our adventures.  After I finished working on my doctorate, we took a road trip west on I-40.  We stopped at National Parks, interesting sights, and classic locations on Route 66.  It was a wonderful trip.  Maybe I’ll write about it someday.  For now, I’m working on a mystery book.  It should be finished this summer. Just in time for another road trip.