Coaching Goals

Primary Coaching Goals

Identify up to 3 primary areas you want to focus on during our coaching relationship. The goals should be challenging (so you remain interested) and achievable (realistic). To help you, try answering the question: “How specifically would you like you, or your life, to be different after coaching with me?”

For each focus area write a simple heading and do your best to describe ‘measurable’ results – how you’ll know you have succeeded or are on track. For example:

Secondary Goals

These secondary goals are included to give you additional value from coaching. You will work on these yourself during the coaching period.

Notes for setting Secondary Goals:

  1. These goals are a secondary focus of our coaching. They’re usually small things and may have been ‘niggling’ at you for some time for example ridding yourself of mental and physical clutter. Some examples could be to clean out the hall closet, update your resume or compliment my partner once a day until it becomes a habit.
  2. These goals must be distinct from the primary goals.
  3. You must be able to state the goal in one sentence.
  4. The goals need to be measurable in some way, with the measure as part of the goal.